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A specialist in the refurbishment of spare parts for various industries

If you have ever considered to apply refurbished spare parts to your machinery, then mt unirepair is the right partner for you. This specialist in the refurbishment of spare parts is vendor-independent, which means that they are able to repair and refurbish products and machines whose parts are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. Therefore, they have served various companies and industries and have significantly reduced their repair and maintenance costs. They are experienced in reverse engineering and possess all the necessary knowledge to repair or refurbish products to their original specifications. Let them advise you about the application of the refurbishment of the spare parts that you require.

The benefits of refurbished spare parts for your business

The refurbishment of spare parts is an ideal solution to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the repair. It is also a perfect way to contribute to a circular economy and to repair and maintain your machines cost-efficiently. Over the years, the experts from mt unirepair have refurbished various electronic and mechanical parts for many different types of machines and equipment. From storage products and networking equipment to power supplies and printers; they know exactly how to refurbish spare parts in the best possible way. They focus solely on repair activities and integration services aimed at fulfilling the needs of their customers. This means that you can always count on a tailor-made solution for your business, regardless of whether you use old or new technologies.

Services in three areas

The team of mt unirepair, located in Gronsveld, The Netherlands, offers a quality service in three areas. Next to their electronic refurbishment and repair center, the specialists from this company offer their services on-site thanks to the central location in the Benelux. This central location also enables them to reach major European cities within four hours. Lastly, they offer reverse logistics for your supply chain.