International ship repair, done quick


Require the services of a company that performs international ship repair? You can rely upon Antwerp Underwater Solutions to restore your ship to full capacity. Any problem can be solved by this company. A stationary ship accumulates rust and produces no revenue. As such, AUS will do everything possible to allow your ship to get underway as soon as possible. No matter what, they can achieve solid results by providing an efficient repair of your vessel in any harbor in Europe.

Have your vessel restored to peak operating capacity

Antwerp Underwater Solutions is your preferred partner for international ship repair – the very best in Europe, in fact. While most companies would dry-dock your vessel on land for repairs. This process takes longer than necessary; after all, the ship would need to be transported to a wharf and drydocked. However, a better way to repair your ship exists; the services of the qualified diving engineers at Antwerp Underwater Solutions. Being able to perform all manner of repairs to your ship, this vessel repair company can do anything from fixing anchors and chains, to rust removal. Best of all is the fact that they can conduct these repairs without lifting your ship out of the water, instead opting for excellent diving engineers or constructing a cofferdam.

This company provides round-to-clock assistance for ship repairs

Interested in this innovative method of ship repair? Also prefer the foremost experts on hand to repair your vessel? Then get in contact with Antwerp Underwater Solutions to discuss what is possible for your ship. They’d be more than happy to restore your vessel to a prime condition. You  can count on their excellent assistance whether your repair is urgent or not. They are at your beck and call, ready to quickly help you and your ship on your way.