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“Well-being. New Mood Therapy “by David Burns

American psychiatrist David Burns offers a way to deal with phobias, fears, anxiety and depression – to change your thinking and perception of the world. The author is a supporter of cognitive therapy, which is based on the idea that all mental problems are associated with a misperception of reality and the illogicality of emerging thoughts. According to the author, depression occurs due to the fact that a person incorrectly evaluates the events taking place with him, as a result of which his world is much more pessimistic and negative than it really is.

The Stoic Trial by William B. Irwin

William Irwin calls his book an exercise in twenty-first century Stoicism. In it, he brings together ancient Stoic practices to overcome difficulties with the discoveries of modern psychologists and his own personal experience. He opposes the purely academic understanding of Stoic philosophy as a sealed relic that can be looked at, but not touched. Stoicism can offer surprisingly powerful psychological techniques to modern man as well.

The Psychology of Stress by Robert Sapolsky

If earlier scientists did not attach importance to the connection between emotions and physical condition, now a lot of data have accumulated that confirm that strong emotions can have a negative impact on a person’s physical condition, and diseases that have a “cumulative effect” can be caused or aggravated by stress.

In his book, Robert Sapolsky talks about how modern stress affects our physical and mental health, how it differs from natural stress that is typical for other types of living things, which types of people are more susceptible to diseases caused by stress, and can we learn ” manage ‘stress.

“Good Reasons for Bad Feelings” by Randolph Nesse

Randolph Nesse – MD, renowned American psychiatrist. He specializes in finding evolutionary causes of poor human health. An evolutionary approach gives us a new perspective for understanding our everyday emotions and behavior, as well as our disorders. It helps to look deeper into the causes of bad feelings, to see symptoms in them, and not the disease itself. Overall, this approach helps us better understand ourselves.

7 principles of a happy marriage and Nan Silver

The main value of John Gottman’s book is that his ideas are tested experimentally, in his conclusions he draws on the results of research that have allowed to refute many myths about what makes relationships happy.

A happy and harmonious relationship does not mean conflict-free; on the contrary, the absence of conflicts can be a symptom of a serious crisis in a couple who have come to terms with the fact that nothing can be changed.

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