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The most uncommon things you can lease

Leasing things or empty spaces you have is one of the many ways people use to make a passive income. Not only will leasing provide some extra money to people who need it, but the things that are being leased are typically less expensive than buying a brand new one, which helps those who need it. When you think of leasing, you might think of leasing a car or a house, but there are a lot more things people can lease. Here are some random things you might not have known that you can lease!

IP addresses

Not everybody would think that they could lease an IP address. Not everybody thinks about their IP address, period. But if you happen to have one that you aren’t using or several, you can lease them for quite a bit of money. We have been in the midst of an IPv4 exhaustion for years. This is caused a massive demand for IPv4 and the prices have been climbing each year. So people have entered the market to lease IPv4 addresses and/or sell them.


Someone to wait in the queue

You read that right, you can pay someone to stand in line for you. Typically this is for waiting in line for concert tickets or the opening of a store, or anything along those lines. This service is quite useful for people who don’t want to wait in long lines for long periods of time.



In some places in the world, there are businesses that provide the service of faux mourners for funerals. If a family wants their loved ones to have a big funeral for any reason whatsoever, they have the option to pay professional mourners to show up.


A private island

People who are wealthy enough to own a private island, or several, don’t typically use them very often. This is why they offer it up for rent to people who may want to use it for a period of time. Not everyone has the funds to rent a private island, but those who do can do a lot. They can throw a lavish birthday celebration, host a mini festival, or even have a large private wedding.